Are online casinos legal in the U.S

There is no an United States of America federal law against online gambling, online casinos are therefore legal in the U.S. there is no American who has been arrested, charged or prosecuted for any type on online gambling. There are numerous online gambling websites run by Americans living in the United States.

A lot of Americans gamble online daily although there are some states that have laws against online gambling the prosecutions of the culprits is rare. The federal law is against any website taking sports bet over the internet. However, the law doesn’t prohibit such sites from taking poker or casino bets.

Banks are not allowed to handle any online gambling transaction for example players either depositing or withdrawing into or from any online casino. Additionally it is illegal for the banks to handle such transactions not you as a player to try out such transactions. It is very difficult for the authorities to go after online gamblers and the online casinos. The federal government basically targets those who process the payments. This therefore makes it almost impossible for gamblers to get money out of any online casino. According to a poll conducted in 2006 by the American Gaming Association only 19 percent thought that online gambling was illegal. This is majorly caused because the federal government has left it for different states to decide on the issue.

The states that ban online gambling in America include Indiana, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Nevada, Washington, Oregon and Louisiana. These states have laws that prohibit payment processors such as banks and electronic wallets from funding online gambling. The viability of this act and its enforcement has not yet been felt. Several online casinos have stopped taking American citizens living in the U.S as a precaution as the U.S government looks to enforce the Act.

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