How many online casinos are there?

Online casino industry is over $11 billion dollar industry, and so many have wondered how many online casinos there actually are running all this?

Gambling online has been around us for over 10 years already, so in that time many service providers have crashed and burned, and with the dynamic nature of the whole online gambling industry it’s quite hard to give out any exact number of active online casinos today.

Given that there are constant acquisitions by bigger players in the market, merges and other clones nearly on rampage, we could estimate the number to around 2000 independent operators. Sounds quite small, doesn’t it?

This number covers only those who run a legit business, and who have obtained legal licenses to run an online gaming scheme. Obtaining the license is not as straightforward as one could imagine, as the approval can be quite tricky – and in some countries, like Thailand for example, gambling is ruled completely illegal altogether. But in first world countries like, America, Canada and most of Europe, the online casino business is strictly regulated, and thus one is able to check the authenticity of any online casino easily.

While it’s true that the amount of legitimate and paying online casinos does live up and down on a regular basis, any established and years old casino is always a best bet. Players can try their luck on new online casino that has popped up, but especially without the proper accreditation and licensing these might easily turn up as scams.

So when looking around for an online casino to gamble on, it’s good idea to settle down with an established and highly ranked casino, to make sure that you’re protected for the whole duration of your playing spree, and that you will not have the fear of waking up tomorrow and seeing all your winnings – or the whole casino – gone with the wind.

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